Based in Chicago, Next Level Event Design works with international brands to craft unique, flawlessly executed events around the world. With a focus on creativity, flexibility, and attention to detail, we help our clients plan experiential events that consistently exceed expectations. Be as involved in the event design process as you like, or leave every last detail to us. Our greatest joy is bringing our clients’ event visions to life.


specializing in the “wow” factor
We’ll help you create something innovative that suits your needs, budgets, and goals.


leave the details to us
Trust our decades of experience and know that we will have all bases covered.


show your business in the best light
We partner with you from start to finish and provide seamless execution during your event.


ready to collaborate or take the reins
We’ll support your event strategy team or handle everything from top to bottom.


Cathy Genetti
President and Founder
Fun Fact: solo piloted a private plane. (click to view Cathy's bio)
Cory Fowkes
Director of Production
Fun Fact: has produced events on 5 of the 7 continents. (click to view Cory's bio)
Rachel Frydenlund
Event Design & Marketing Strategist
Fun Fact: first attempt at growing a garden, planted over 60 varieties of vegetables and flowers; all from seed! Ultimately yielding enough fresh produce for a small farmers market!
Michelle Dallas
Event Producer
Fun Fact: While growing up, I lived in 7 different cities and went to 13 different schools. I developed a pretty cool superpower of adapting and making friends anywhere!
Jane Carey
Administrative Assistant
Fun Fact: I went to High School in France
Lizzy Stachon
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Fun Fact: played Division I collegiate basketball.
Justin Potter
Event Facilitator
Fun Fact: He’s related to Harry Potter - grandfather’s name is Harry.
Katey Selix
Event Facilitator
Fun Fact: her go-to karaoke song? Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes
Debra Reid
Event Producer
Fun Fact: She was a backup dancer at a Neil Young concert.
Nick Foreman
Event Coordinator
Fun Fact: is a registered professional stuntman with the Screen Actors Guild.
Jessie Harvey-White
Contract Event Producer
Fun Fact: She holds a Guinness World Record and has worked on events in 11 countries.
Kathleen Clickett Newsome
Contract Producer
Fun Fact: performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in high school!
Chuck Sansone
Fun Fact: Learned to program computers on RadioShack TRS-80.



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