Building a Spectacular Summer Event Theme

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When creating a theme for your event, there are so many options to choose from, where does one begin? Rather than settling on the same trends or themes that have been done before, check out these thought-provoking fun summer decor themes to get your creative juices flowing to help you build a spectacular event theme. 

What’s happening locally, nationally, and globally?

Theme inspiration can come from major current events. This is a fun way to develop a theme because the guests can relate to the familiar iconic experience. This year (2019) for example, we will celebrate major milestones like the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing, the 50th Anniversary of Summer of ‘69, and the 35th Anniversary of the classic computer game TETRIS®


National and Global events can help set the stage, literally, for a great foundation for your custom theme. Music festivals like Lollapalooza, Coachella and sporting events like the Tour de France, Olympics and the Kentucky Derby can inspire a highly stylized theme. When developing a theme around a major event, branding can be an important element that you can really have a lot of fun with. Start with your corporate brand colors and design a custom logo for your event in the style of one of these major events. Infuse the branded details throughout your entire theme and you’ll be sure to wow the crowd. 


Take a look at what’s trending around you!

Get the scoop in fashion magazines and blogs! They’ll tell you that florals, jungle theme, tropical prints, bright colors, and plenty of shimmer and shine are a great place to start. Use this inspiration to develop a color palette that works well with your company brand. If you’re open to changing up the traditional color palette, you can always count on the Pantone Color of the Year (2019 – Living Coral) to provide you with multiple fun fashion trends in swag, decor pieces, textiles, floral and more!

The floral industry is always evolving and dreaming up creative use of floral and greenery decor. Similar to the effect that linens can have on the overall aesthetics of your event, florals can make a huge impact on the feel of a space. Incorporate florals to add texture, color, depth and a lovely scent to the event theme and decor. Asymmetrical arrangements, digital wall displays, hanging floral focal points, and painted tropical palms are some ideas to explore that will liven up the tried and true classics. 

Architecture is also a great place to look for inspiration. “Bringing the outdoors in” is no new concept in the world of design, and the summer is a great time to take advantage of creating outdoor environments in an indoor event space. Bright, open, reflective elemental trends in building design and interior design are sure to give you some inspiration. Think about a public space or a new restaurant that you really enjoy. Perhaps there is a comfortable space to relax or engage with others, maybe it’s a fantastic piece of art or view to admire, or perhaps there is something that gets you up and moving around. Designs like this are no accident. People naturally gravitate towards hot spots of interactive features, engaging activities, and eye-catching focal points. Focus on incorporating some of these design elements in the overall theme for a win-win at your event. 

Figure 1 (left) – Figure 2 (middle) – Figure 3 (right)


Focus on the Food! 

Whether it’s sweet treats, savory bites, stylish cocktails or classic beer tastings you’re after, (Well, who are we kidding…we want them ALL!), whatever the cuisine or serving style you choose, the most inventive events ensure the food and beverage is immersed within the theme along with the overall decor.  We are still loving the ongoing foodie trend of food trucks and food carts. They have become so stylized that they are sure to provide a fun backdrop to build into your decor theme

Keep things interesting with unique ways to display hors d’oeuvres and desserts with examples like a fruit-by-the-foot ribbon wall or add the element of surprise with non-traditional execution, with macarons shaped like hamburgers and cookies decorated like veggies. Why not customize your buffet with branded bites like these laser printed baguettes or branded cocktail pouches. “Keep ‘em coming!” will be the theme of the night when it comes to these fun and innovative presentations. 

Figure 4 (left) – Figure 5 (right)

Your summer event theme wouldn’t be complete without some ice cream treats! These innovative flavors and unique designs from Minnesota Nice Cream & Pretty Cool Ice Cream, have us 100% in the mood for a tasty summer treat!  The sky is the limit with these seasonal favorites when choosing the perfect touch for your event theme. 

Figure 6 (left) – Figure 7 (right)


Mix and Match Themes

If a world event doesn’t strike your fancy and you find yourself stuck on the “same old-same old” color palette, try mixing two opposing themes to create a fun twist on a tried and true classic. This will be sure to stir up a bit of interest and provide you plenty of options to delight and surprise your guests

Here are a few ideas of mixing different themes to create a unique custom theme! If it seems like these ideas are a little too “far fetched”, consider the theme of “Woodsy Hobo Chic“, this has become quite literally a mega-trend within the industry. Will one of them be the next glamping trend?…hard to say… but you’ll never know until you try! 

  • Trailer Park Chic –  vintage metal lawn furniture, colorful patio string lights and punch bowls meets Cyndi Lauper.
  • 50’s Preppy vs. 80’s Dance – Elvis in a neon fanny pack meets lasers, poodle skirts, and shiny pastel-colored 1950’s cars. 
  • Neon Seaside – glowing jellyfish and underwater coral meets ship anchors and sandy beaches covered in multicolor umbrellas.
  • Tropical Tundra – a mix of jungle greenery, unicorn floaties in lagoons meets icebergs and dry ice.

So, what’s next? Dream big and have fun brainstorming different ideas that pique your curiosity, or give us a call, we’d love to get creative and show off mood board ideas for your next fun and spectacular summer event theme!

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