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I love Birthdays. It’s not about the gifts, but more that this one day is special and unique to you. You own this day.  When I was a child, I didn’t realize that a lot of families don’t put an emphasis on birthdays. In my family growing up, these days were sacred.  Even now I can count on receiving calls from numerous family members serenading me with off-key versions of the “happy birthday” song.

Recognizing people is such a treat.   I’m not quite sure if I like celebrating my birthday or other peoples’ birthdays better. Being a part of someone’s birthday festivities is an honor.  I don’t professionally plan social events but I find great pleasure in planning a birthday party.  It gives me an opportunity to do what I love most but yet get a little crazy and creative. Because my parents made my day special growing up, I’ve decided to carry this tradition on to my family. Since the kids were born, we’ve had some pretty cool birthday parties (if I say so myself). Unlike the kids’ birthday parties on reality TV, these parties are unique and fun without spending a lot of money. In past years I’ve created a Lego-launching catapult, an under the table party (physically under multiple interconnecting tables that were decorated as a mini home with a kitchen, den, faux fireplace, etc.), as well as transforming our Garage into Hogwarts dining hall. Like I said, I go a little crazy.

There is a concern that I’ve become that obnoxious parent who holds the dreaded “over the top birthday party”.  I just get so excited to see that l look of wonderment in kids’ eyes as if anything can happen. When I told a friend (a fellow event planner) the birthday plans for my daughter one year, she asked me if I realized that I was over-doing it. But wait… Isn’t that what is the fun part about planning a little kids’ party?

Just recently I was introduced to this great Non Profit organization called Birthday Wishes.  They throw birthday parties for homeless children living in shelters. So often, we take for granted the little things- like having our name on a birthday cake or blowing out candles. This organization brings these things and more to children who would not get them otherwise.  I was so touched by the video.  These little parties make such an impact, not only on the kids but also on the Volunteers. Birthday Wishes gives other kids the chance to get involved and help other kids their age. Kids can donate their toys so that they can help another child feel special on their birthday– one 7 year old decided that he wanted to donate all the toys he got at his birthday party.  These events don’t change their life situation, but for one day you can help them feel special and brighten their spirits. These birthday parties remind the kids that the day they were born was a special day and should be celebrated every year.

If you have time or are interested in learning more about Birthday Wishes I encourage you to look at their website or watch the video!  Here is a link