#NLEDonthescene Happy Anniversary To Us!

#NLEDonthescene Happy Anniversary To Us!

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On our 7th Anniversary I’m a bit nostalgic thinking of where we started and the progress we’ve made. I recently read through the initial business plan that I wrote. Oh…I could write a book (not just a blog but an entire novel) on what I’ve learned in the past few years! As an example, I will admit that I was once naive enough to think that once the website went live the website was finished. I love checking things off lists so it was very motivational for me to think task completion was within reach. I won’t say that I am necessarily wiser but I now know that most things (like the website) will never be “done”…it’s a living thing that constantly needs attention.

Another thing I didn’t realize before I became a Business Owner was how much time I would spend working on things outside of Event Planning. There are so, so many more fun things like Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Legal “Stuff”, and a lot of Accounting. I’ve learned that running a company is not all that different than planning an event.  We spend many months (and sometimes years) focused behind the scenes on the many tiny details that go into planning an event so that it executes as a seamless, well organized and thoroughly planned experience for our clients and their guests. Similarly, I’ve spent a surprisingly large number of hours in the details behind the scenes of the company ensuring it has a foundation of strength and vitality to continue to seamlessly function and grow.

What has been most gratifying for me is that we are constantly emerging, growing and trying new things (so much so that sometimes the eye-rolling is audible when a new procedure is suggested…not mentioning any names). It is the constant motion of learning and improving which is like a never ending buffet for nurturing and growth. It’s not by accident that growth is one of NLED’s key / cornerstone goals. We are purposeful in consistently challenging (personally and professionally) ourselves and our clients to evolve. It definitely helps to be surrounded by an amazing group of talented people who help me take myself and the company to the Next Level.

To celebrate our Anniversary here are some fun facts about us…

— We’ve adopted Google’s philosophy about hiring…don’t hire anyone you wouldn’t mind getting stuck at an airport with.

— In 2014 we executed 82% of our Gross Revenue within 34 days (I wish we had “before and after” photos)!

— Quickest project turn-around was within 5 days – from receiving the RFP, Proposal creation, load-in, execution, load-out – 97 hours in total to be exact… #exceptiontotherule!

— We’ve grown every year with a minimum percentage of 36% from one year to the next.Our full-time staff has doubled in the last year.

— We still have 100% client retention.

In closing we’d like to invite you to celebrate these milestones with us by sharing our favorite shots from the past 7 years. I thank you for your support and look forward to creating some more amazing projects together in the future!


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Photo by Frankieleon / CC BY