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With the new year fresh upon us, it’s hard not to notice the changes around us. The gym is always packed, people are early for meetings and carbohydrates are being avoided.

It’s hard to keep up with your personal expectations and additionally… is it ever really possible to achieve perfection in anything?  A friend of mine joked that she would prefer to lower the bar for people everywhere, rather than assist in raising the bar…since it can lead you to insanity.

Recently I saw an Encouragement card with the tiding, “May your life someday be as full and wonderful as it is on Facebook!” It’s true – we’re  helping each other become more obsessive, including the people we love.

My favorite Holiday Card we received made me laugh out loud.  Everyone was looking in a different direction. The youngest child was screaming because her brother was squeezing her ankle, the oldest son looked disheveled and was obviously included in this photo against his will.  The photo captured chaos  – the only genuine smile was from the Labrador.  I’m pretty sure he was communicating, “this is what I deal with every day, people…!” Reality is beautiful.

In short, I’m on a full-fledged mission  to laugh more at life rather than obsess about it…after all it’s easier to commit to this rather than be committed!  Ironically while I was working on this blog last night, I prepared a homemade Lasagna for Teacher’s Appreciation Day. This morning I noticed I left it out all night long.  After I stared at it for a while in disbelief, I inventoried what food we had left and started a new pot luck donation.  When I dropped off the Pasta Puttanesca at the School they admired the fragrant smell and it was the only vegan entrée.

In the end…if Plan A doesn’t work, there are always 25 more letters in the Alphabet!

… and if you ever need a good Puttanesca recipe, let me know!