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Event Planner, Designer or Producer: aren’t they all the same thing?
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People often ask us, “isn’t an Event Planner, Event Designer, and Event Producer the same thing?” Let me rephrase that; is a Financial Planner, an Interior Designer, and a Construction…

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The Importance of Branding your Corporate Event
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The Importance of Branding your Corporate Event The How, Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Event Branding How How do I plan a successful brand specific event? Consider yourself…

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What Exactly is an Experiential Event?
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The other day, like any typical professional, I was asked what I do for a living. My response was “Corporate Event Planner focusing on experiential events”. Then, of course, came…

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From The Desk of Cory… What is GMID and Why Should I Care?
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What is GMID?!? For starters, the acronym literally means “Global Meetings Industry Day” and I’m sure you’re thinking – it’s not easy to say nor does it roll off the…

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Insiders Recap: Live Events Season
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Live events are inherently exciting. They’re risky (hello #NippleGate), and we are naturally drawn in by the risk – not that we want to see a blunder, but that there…

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From the Desk of Cory… New Year, New Conversation
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As we near the end of January, I’m curious, have you kept your New Year’s Resolution? Are you victim to the cliche that “resolutions are made to be broken,” or…

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2017: That’s a Wrap!
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Wow – what a year it’s been! As we wrap up 2017, we’d like to share a few photos that capture some of the fun and laughs we’ve had with…

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Nelly The Novice: Getting Our Thanks (and Spanx) On
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Novice Nelly: She’s our witty, fun, yet fictitious, team member that takes us on her journey of #epicfails and reminds us we are all in this together. Enjoy! Can we…

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From the Desk of Cory… “Designing Experiences, Not Meetings”
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Stop planning meetings – start designing them! Whether it’s due to advances in technology, social media, millennial influence or simply shortened attention spans, meeting attendees are placing higher value on…

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#NextLevelonthescene Back to My Roots
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Typically in this blog we focus on where we’re going and something that’s really special for me right now is the past. I’m traveling back to the village in northern…

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