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I just recently celebrated my birthday and I generally use this time as an opportunity to reflect, look around and take stock of my life. I feel truly fortunate about the wonderful people in my life not to mention the fun and joy they bring. Clearly, I enjoy bringing people together. It’s a blessing that I can do what I love, help people through the events I produce and enjoy it immensely!

I recently began planning a new project for 2012. I have worked with this client since 2004. It’s remarkable when I think about the multiple events we’ve planned together and how we’ve gotten to know each other. Using the word “client” doesn’t really seem to fit, because she’s become more to me than that.

Many of the events I help organize can take months or years to plan. These long engagements give me the chance to try to understand who my client is as a person. Client relationships grow over time as does trust, resulting in a better outcome each time. Having a strong bond with my clients helps me not only make the events I plan successful for the attendees, but also ensures that the experience is wonderful for my client, for the NLED crew, and for me. When I look back and remember different projects and clients, I think of lessons I have learned from them as well as my evolution as a planner and as a person. Reflecting on these opportunities is especially humbling for me because I have learned from so many people – clients, vendors, family and colleagues. Specific projects I’ve produced in the last 20+ years helped me learn vital lessons such as: delegation, teamwork, consistency and time management. Of course no one is ever finished with the learning process, but I’d like to take this moment to acknowledge these lessons and how they have enriched my life.

These are the events and clients that make me love what I do. What do you love about your career and what are the key lessons that you’ve learned?