#NLEDonthescene: Fall Edition

300 114 Next Level Event Design

How is it already so? Our summer cocktails with frilly umbrellas and daydreaming on the beach have come to an end and somehow morphed into pumpkin spice lattes, trips to the apple orchard and chilly nights on the 50-yard line! The irony of fall, is that in nature, it seems everything around us is coming to an end. Yet, in our offices, according to the number of conference calls during the day, late night email exchanges and writer’s cramp from contract signing –  we believe F. Scott Fitzgerald said it best in The Great Gatsby, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

For the Next Level team, the end of summer kept us busy with celebrations, brainstorming concepts of the events to come, and reconnecting with our many talented industry colleagues, exceptional event partners and valued clients. We had the opportunity to celebrate 15 years of rock-star calibre work and continued success for our friends at Sound Investment with a party at Moonlight Studios that set the bar for years to come. Celebrated with BBJ Linen at their new and fabulous office space and warehouse. We welcomed Tom Kehoe as he descended (literally through a skylight) into his beautiful new venue, The Geraghty, and were awed by the beautiful design of the opening night event by the team at Kehoe Designs.   

The summer would not be complete without industry staples like the MPI Gala, where we celebrated the achievements of our industry colleagues at Venue610, or the HeresChicagoSummertime Daydream” event at The Field Museum, as the final hoorah before we all jumped back into the busy fall quarter!

So. We caught our breath. We dreamed some dreams. We sketched our concepts. Now we let our creative minds take a slight shift from a summer full of dreaming, drawing, designing and pitching – to a fall immersed in tastings, viewings, contracting, strategizing and executing. In the stylings of NLED’s very own #NellytheNovice, here is a taste of some of the fun we have in store this fall:

#GlassFlute #GlowingTables #ProjectionMapping #ArtDeco #ElectroSwing #Geodes #Steampunk #Vibraphone #FirstCourseSoup #HotAirBalloons #FoodInFlight #Sequins #RockCandy #ChalkboardMural #HelpDesk #Trombones #Corsets #TaxAttorneys #NewOrleansFunk #UntitledSupperClub #CraftBeer #CIOShowdown #CorporateChic #GleacherCenter #CastIronSkilletStation #PocketProtectors #LabCoats #NerdChic #FogMachines #Zeppelins #CabaretLights #GatsbyGoesFunk

Fortunately, with this shift from concept to creation comes more quality time with our clients and event partners – and that’s where the true fun happens! It’s like we just spent the offseason in the gym and now we get to go out into the field and finally play with our teammates, impress our coaches and wow the fans! To our event partners, it’s time to suit up! To our clients, we say Thank You for daydreaming with us and having us a part of your team! We’re looking forward to a winning season this Fall!