Nelly The Novice: Getting Our Thanks (and Spanx) On

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Novice Nelly: She’s our witty, fun, yet fictitious, team member that takes us on her journey of #epicfails and reminds us we are all in this together. Enjoy!

Can we all agree that 2017 flew by? Like I literally cannot even with this end of the year stuff! Even though I’m not ready for snow and below freezing temps, I’m totally loving this #SweaterWeather. It’s the perfect way to hide the holiday weight I tend to put on around this time of year #NeedMoreCushionForTheLakeEffect #AmIRight?

#RealTalk though, this time of year is always a time to reminisce aka #Throwback to the crazy events Next Level produced and the #Progress we’ve made not only as a company but as individuals. With Thanksgiving just a few days away, and with the holiday list mindset, I wanted to take time to create a list of things I am thankful for this year (and always).

Bullets of #Gratitude-ness:

  • To our wonderful clients: without you we #literally wouldn’t have jobs. Not only are we thankful to work with each of you, some for many years, but we are thankful that you challenge us. Each year we are pushed to learn the newest #Trends (my specialty), to create memorable events, and to do so within a budget. #Wahoo.
  • To our incredible vendors: ya’ll are AMAZING! Our events would not be what they are without our partnerships with all of you. From the trendsetting decor, to the stages with perfect light and sound, to the photographers that allow the memories to last forever, to the countless venues that open their doors to complete strangers, to the food (and beverages) that keeps everyone well-fed and happy—the list could go on and on: 2017 would not be the success that it is without each and every one of you. #ThankYouThankYou
  • To our families and dear friends: thank you for putting up with our late nights, busy weekends, and sore feet. We signed up for the event world, while you didn’t. You accept us exhausted and exhilarated after a successful event. #ShouldersToLeanOn.
  • To Thai food, chocolate, & white wine: you have gotten me through some rough weeks. There’s something about pad thai, peanut butter cups, and sauvignon blanc that will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for keeping me sane and my jeans extra tight. #Ahem.

Take time this week, especially on Thursday, to look around and count your #blessings. If you’re not working hard in the kitchen, be thankful for those who did. Show your appreciation by going up for a second plate because #CaloriesDon’tCountOnThanksgiving.

I am also thankful for #BlackFridayDeals because your girl needs a cute #NYE outfit.




Photo by Faith Goble / CC BY