#NextLevelonthescene Back to My Roots

#NextLevelonthescene Back to My Roots

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Typically in this blog we focus on where we’re going and something that’s really special for me right now is the past. I’m traveling back to the village in northern Italy where my grandfather grew up. Our family tree shows the Genetti lineage dating back to 1481, which is right around when the small town named Castelfondo was founded.

When you’re there you can’t help but think of the past because it’s pretty obvious that things have been the same for generations. There is just one church, one grocery store, and one butcher because why would you need more than one?

Every time I’ve visited I think of how my ancestors left this quaint and picturesque town nestled in the Tyrolean Alps between Milan and Venice for a new life in America. This opportunity that most of us take for granted (including myself). My great grandfather traveled to Pennsylvania with next to nothing in his pockets and started a meat and cheese business with a horse-drawn carriage, which eventually morphed into grocery stores. My grandfather branched out with a restaurant and hotel. My father continued with hotels and catering facilities. I have continued down a similar road but different path with event planning. I feel so grateful for this profession that combines so much of my family’s background but approaching it from a different angle. Coincidentally from these mentioned men, I am the 4th child of my father, who was the 4th child of his father, who was the fourth child of his…all stayed within the Industry and started companies.

Today I’m thinking of what they must have experienced as immigrants as well as all of the other people who have allowed me the freedom to do what I love – not just as a woman, but a working mother and as an entrepreneur. I am proud. Proud of where I came from, proud of where I’m going and especially proud of where Next Level Event Design is.

The last few months have been action-packed with some fun new projects as well as new clients. If you have 36 seconds please check out our new video. As if that wasn’t keeping us busy enough, we’ve been diligently working on revising our website and are in the process of certifying for WBENC’s WBE (why have one certification when you can have two?)! Speaking of certifications – a belated congratulations to Director of Production, Cory Fowkes who passed his CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) exam!  

Enjoy the last of summer and I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Photo by Daniel Enchev / CC BY