Cory Fowkes

Cory Fowkes


As the Director of Production at Next Level Event Design, Cory Fowkes enables, supports and directs the NLED team with the chief priority of ensuring that each and every attendee has a positive and memorable event experience. Like a maestro conducting to his orchestra, Cory indicates the beat and overall flow for multi-faceted teams of planners whose individual roles, when interwoven and in sync, flawlessly contribute to our client’s success. Given that Cory is tasked to partake in virtually every role that goes into the event planning process, his unrelenting creative energy and problem solving skills are the lifeblood to our team’s success. With keen foresight to counteract the unexpected coupled with his visionary eye for event design, Cory’s production and management capabilities are what propel our team forward.

Cory obtained a BFA in Musical Theater from Drake University and following his move to Chicago quickly learned events are equally as exciting and challenging as live theater while still being able to utilize his design, production, directing, stage management and performance talents with each and every event he produces.

Cory has had the opportunity to continue to grow and develop his skills under the mentorship of top industry professionals and has built a resume of award winning events and unparalleled experiences along the way.

Some of these extraordinary experiences included occasions of Olympic proportion in world renowned stadiums, executive level international travel incorporating business and culture in countries as diverse as China, India, Israel and Brazil, managing Dignitaries and Presidential hopefuls during live television broadcasts, and managing a large group of travelers to Australia while they were being introduced to the celebrity spotlight for the first time.

Whether it is the warehouse down the street or the ballroom of a convention hotel, restaurant in China or catering out of a residential building stairwell, hosting outdoor events at international landmarks or floating on a boat through the Mediterranean, challenges have come and gone but the most important thing is each and every attendee has walked away having a positive and memorable experience; and every client with a smile from ear to ear.

Key Clients Cory has worked with:
Ameriprise Financial, Biotechnology Industries Organization (BIO), Chicago Ideas Week 2011, CHUBB Insurance Group, City of Athens, Coca-Cola, Deeply Rooted Productions, Franciscan Alliance Foundation, Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA), Gay Games VII, GE Healthcare, Google, Harpo Productions, i.c.stars, KeHE Distributors, LLC, Lance Armstrong Foundation, Meeting Professionals International (MPI-CAC), Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Polycom, Presidential Inaugural Committee, San Gabriel Valley 49ers, Sears, SIRVA, Inc., Starcom, Tetra Pak, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Rachel Ray Show, United Airlines, University of Chicago, University of Southern California, Winpak